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About us

        Sinoma Science & Technology Co. Ltd ( SSTCL ) is the largest new and high-tech enterprise integrating research, design, product manufacture and sale, complete technology and equipment supply in the specialty fiber composites industry in China. Having inherited all superior resources of the original three well-known institutes in China鈥檚 building materials industry ( Nanjing Fiberglass Research & Design Institute, Beijing FRP Research & Design Institute and Suzhou Nonmetal Mineral Industry Design & Research Institute ), it is now the technology and equipment research center for China鈥檚 specialty fiber composites and the largest developing base for such materials in support of China鈥檚 defense industry.

        SSTCL has always stressed the development of new products and the dissemination of new technologies. Relying on its core technologies to create three major industrial platforms in the fields of specialty glass fibers and products, advanced composites, nonmetal mineral processing and complete set of direct-melt technology and equipment for producing glass fibers, it has established five lines of products including high strength glass fiber products, glass microfiber paper, high temperature filter media, fiber composites and high pressure composite vessels, four categories of technology and equipment for nonmetal mineral processing, glass fiber production, platinum-rhodium alloy products and mineral wools, and complete systems for product development, manufacture and marketing, thus forming a complete industrial chain of specialty fiber composites, with products widely used in aerospace, energy, transportation, resource, environment protection and other fields.

        SSTCL is sincerely willing to provide excellent products and technical services to customers. Interchange and cooperation from all circles are welcome.

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